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November 17, 2015
Two games added to collection: - Lottery. You can buy one or more tickets and cross fingers for your luck. By the way, when users buying tickets - prize fund is growing. Winner taken randomly each night getting all prize fund. - Stock. Buy and sell commodities like gold, oil, wheat with real-world prices. Test your finance skills!

July 6, 2015
Two new builds 2.3.2 released for Java for phones and PC

June 30, 2015
New Android build released - 2.3.2. It introduces some improvements when chatting, coloring updates and increases connection stability.

May 22, 2015
Those updates were rolled: - updated design of main site www.avacs.net; - added new service "Doorman"; - increased size of invitation to rooms from 10 to 50; - added possibility to download LiveChat directly to phone; - bug fixes and other minor improvements.

July 1, 2014
Today updates: - improved ban/unban mechanism; - added possibility to attach description for money transfer between users.

April 5, 2014
Following updates rolled: - new service added: change room background; - price for market ad decreased to 1.00; - made possible to change owner by creator; - merchants are grouped by countries now; - you can set/withdraw RO to/from users for other rooms than your current; - added possibility to login by ID + password; - added possibility to change room type (Common or Private); - added possibility to change room language; - added "Contact owner" to room information menu; - added possibility to "Remove user from your Ignore-list" to "About user" menu; - increase room antiflood time to 1 hour; - added possibility to enter RGB-value for room background, nick color and user text in room; - added possibility to search room by ID and to search user by his ID; - added informational messages to room about adding/removing room moderator and changing room owner; - it's possible now to kick SM from private rooms; - fixed bugs and typo.

October 10, 2013
Today update contains following changes: - fixed ranks of users; - added private messages history per user; - added crown for SM in newsline; - reordered menus according to usage statistics; - a bunch of other small fixes and optimizations.
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about WebMoney

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In progress about WebMoney

Post by MB.Galaxy.0632 on Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:04 am

Web-Money launched in 1998 by the
owner of the company "WMtransfer
LTD" is. The software system of
electronic money by the company,
"the arithmetic" is designed to
support the company already does.
This system has the characteristic of
high security electronic money is.
After WebMoney account for the key
file for the user account is made by
offering access to the key files is
Webmoney to use the site you must
first install the software, web money
keeper. WebMoney account the
unique identification number (WMID)
awarded. The user will receive an
electronic certificate system Web-
Money. The information entered in
the accounts for users of electronic
certificates offered. If you do not
enter personal characteristics,
certificates, and if unknown, enter
your details, ceremonial certificates
awarded. When you open an account,
enter your details and get a formal
Each account can have 6 different
numbers indicate the number of
currency units (America, Russia,
Europe Union, Ukraine, Belarus and
Uzbekistan) are.
Z represents America dollars
Shows E EUR
R represents the Russian Ruble
U represents the Ukrainian currency
B represents the Belarusian currency
Y represents the currency of
This account of the Separate Account
ID (WMID) is the currency used for
payment must be numbered.
Web-Money Funds Transfer System
fee is 0.8%. This cost is borne by the
WebMoney account for learning how
to read it more.
How to Open a Webmoney account
Here's how to open a WebMoney
account fully for you are the guest.
1) First, you http://
lang=en here.
First, enter the phone number
yourself and click on the Proceed
2) Then register please fill out the
form below:
3) After completing the membership
form and click the Proceed button, a
screen will appear with information
you've entered will display, then click
the Proceed button Nmayydta
Registration code will be emailed to
4) After you click on Proceed
following screen will appear, open
the email and copy the Registration
code and insert it on this page, click
the button to proceed. (Registration
code your notes in a safe place)
5) The following screen will appear.
The company webmoney an SMS to
the mobile number that you entered
in the registration form will be sent
out containing the mobile code. Enter
the incoming number in the box and
click the button to proceed. Sign up
to the finish.
6) The web application can Download
7) Once download click on the icon
to see the window below.
8) In the window that appears and
select ok Please signup for
9) At this point, enter the Registration
code, and click on Next.
10) Then, enter an optional password
and type it again click on Next.
(Please write your password in a safe
place, you then need to enter your
account password, enter the
password, do not forget)
12), then the account is opened and
you will be given a WMID software
but not Active Account. (WMID your
notes in a safe place because you
will need to log into your account
then you can sign your WMID.)
13) At this point you should click on
a button keys file name on which
there are 3 points you can save in a
safe place.
(Important: If you re-install Windows
or another computer you log into
your account to give a path to your
key file, so you better back up your
keys file, the key file after completing
the registration process you CD and
for always being with you, you can
send mail to yourself is the key file
to attach).
The code to access the keys to enter
your security code and repeat in the
Confirm field, then click on the Next
button. .. (Access code in place to
make sure to take note of the fact
that your code to access the key file)
14) At this stage, Activation code will
be sent to your E-mail. Vdkmh
Please type the code in the desired
location and click Next. .
* Remember the key file to burn on a
CD as a back up.
* Password, access code, and do not
forget to make a note of the place.
15) Active steps, your account has
expired. Then click on the Finish
16) Plan for your Web money back.
How to work with Webmoney
1). On the program icon Webmoney
click Nmayydta window for Show,
select Login to select from a list box
in the image below with the number 2
is displayed WMID Please enter the
Password in the Enter button and Ok
button to log in. Sign.
2). At home there are 4 Tab System
Contacts, Purses, Incoming, My
Contact: All members have a financial
relationship with them or have a
massage in the area are listed. Also
in this section there are web services
that Manny can click on any of them
have a message.
Incoming: All financial or send new
messages to be entered in this
section that we open the new
message is moved or transfer
Purses: Here are all the financial
pockets (wallet through the following
How to create a wallet
You get to manage the new account
you can WebMoney. (Eg dollar
1) To create the wallet Menu /
Purses / New over here. Or click on
the Create button to display the
following screen.
Then set the type of currency (1)
Type a name for the wallet (2) and
click Next (3) click here.
2) In the window that appears, and
click the Next button to check the I
accept your Zyrbray window is
displayed, click the Finish button to
create the wallet.

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In progress Re: about WebMoney

Post by MAX on Fri Dec 23, 2016 1:45 pm

Wow very useful information

Love is that who hurts you but don't  hurt who loves you!

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In progress Re: about WebMoney

Post by MB.Galaxy.0632 on Sat Dec 24, 2016 8:15 pm


Nick : MB.Galaxy.0632
User ID : 1678503
Chatrooms : Iranian room
Gender : Male
Languages : Persian-Arabic-English
Posts : 35
Points : 68
Reputation : 7
Birthday : 1994-08-20
Join date : 2016-12-20
Age : 24
Location : Iran-Khorramshahr
Job/hobbies : Blogging and site developer

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In progress Re: about WebMoney

Post by Sponsored content

Sponsored content

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